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Benefits of an Independent Advisor

A happy and peaceful retirement requires more than an IRA. Even an IRA account that is doing well does not guarantee enough money to live the way you wish after leaving the workforce. The only way to potentially realize the life you want is to have a formal, written strategy that addresses all financial aspects of life, including life expectancy, long-term inflation, tax obligations, insurance needs, and estate planning. On your own, developing such a plan is overwhelming. Most people have no idea how much money they’ll need in retirement. They underestimate how long they will live. They don’t take into account the damage taxes and inflation will have on a fixed income. They don’t change insurance obligations as their life needs evolve.

Today’s financial planners consider every aspect of your life to develop a financial plan that will see you to the retirement that you envision. A good planner also serves as a liaison, working with your attorney to help ensure you meet your estate planning and wealth transfer objectives, and with your CPA to help with tax planning strategies. A qualified financial planner can even review insurance policies, so you have the coverage you need. No more, no less.

Horizon Financial assists clients who are near retirement or retired with a minimum of $500,000 in investable assets. If you are seeking a partnership with a professional to pursue your lifestyle goals, or if you just want a second opinion on your current investment strategy, Horizon can assist you.

That is where a qualified independent financial advisor helps. An independent advisor is not tied to one firm or product; this is particularly important in today’s mercurial market. The independent advisor looks at all opportunities and provides expert counsel on the investments that are right for you and your particular needs. Because many independent advisors are paid by fees, rather than commissions, the loyalty is to the client, not to a particular investment. Fee-based financial planning makes the cost of doing business transparent. You can be sure that the financial advisor is recommending the best plan for you, rather than the plan that offers the biggest commission.



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